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Qu-Ax RGB Disc Muni 27.5″

Qu-Ax RGB Disc Muni 27.5″
The QX RGB Discbrake Muni is truly the pinnacle of current mountain unicycling technology.



QX RGB Muni 27.5

The QX RGB DiscbrakeMuni is truly the pinnacle of current mountain unicycling technology.

The QX #rgb Mountain unicycles are the best Qu-ax have ever produced in their 15 years of building Munis. Individual, light, durable and featuring the very latest ‘high end’ mountain bike components. Of all the sizes, the  27,5" wheel is for probably the most versatile.

Q-Axle hub - huge 24 mm diameter steel spindle, drilled to a maximum for minimum weight, aluminum-body

light QU-AX Zero Q-Axle cranks, 137 mm, anodized black

Shimano disc brake (MT200 level) for perfect brake-feeling with only one finger, two piece 160 mm disc with aluminum rotor.

QX Eleven saddle, designed and refined by Kris Holm

filigrane QX-series #rgb aluminum seat clamp with double bolt clamping, laser logo #rgb, only 29g

wide #rgb rim, 27,5", 6061 aluminum alloy, 5 double-wall chambers, 45 mm outer width, 38,6 mm inner width, offset-spoke holes for a better balanced wheel (less straight spokes), QX laser-logo on flange

80×584 mm (27,5"x3,0") Maxxis High Roller II EXO Reifen, tubeless ready tyre.

white QX-series plastic pedal

the #rgb frames have a wide 34,9 mm steerer-tube for thin wall-thicknesses with maximum rigidity. They are made of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. An anodized frame is lighter than a painted one, too - and finally, the threads in the frame save the weight of steel-nuts you would need otherwise. All this makes the QX #rgb frame weight only 533g (shells 78g, screws 22g). The #rgb frame has a unicrown shape to protect your legs from any impact. #rgb Logos are lasered, the huge QX-logos are decals – definitely one of the lightest frames on the market. IS brake-socket (for 160 mm discs), cable gauges on the frame. Due to the lightweight construction, the rotor-size is limited to 180 mm.

tyre-clearance: height from axle-center to lower end of frame-crown: 378 mm, width at tire-height: 94 mm

#rgb 7050 aluminum seatpost with styled, wide head, huge 31,6 mm diameter for thin wall-thickness and only 216 g in 350 mm

weight: approx. 5,6 kg

minimum inseam size for custom QX #rgb Disc Muni 27,5": approx. 76,5 cm (with 145 mm cranks)


Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Qu-Ax
Colour Black
True Weight Approx 5.6 kg
RRP €649.00
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