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Blood Orange James Kelly Signature Series Slide Gloves

Blood Orange James Kelly Signature Series Slide Gloves

This latest release from Blood Orange Skate supplies is a custom glove model, designed for their sponsored rider, James Kelly.  This glove uses composite materials and innovative design to be extremely durable, breathable and ultimately very comfortable. Slide gloves are great for longboard riders who like to perform technical groundwork tricks, or like to use their hands as leverage/pivot points whilst tackling corners at high speeds. These Blood Orange gloves come with Pucks attached. 

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Blood Orange present the 'James Kelly' edition of their signature series, performance skate gloves. These gloves are designed for protecting your hands during aggressive downhill and free-ride runs, as well as improving your ground-work tricks. These gloves are currently available in a Large version only, and feature Kevlar® reinforced fingertips for superb durability. The composite design also features suede thumb  index finger guards and durable suede wrist guards to ensure your digits are properly protected during tarmac contact. Blood Orange gloves also feature a new, rounded puck profile which aids slides and releases when cornering. To keep riders comfortable during a long day's skate, Blood Orange gloves have a full air-tunnel at the back of each hand and ventilation holes between fingers. Highly recommended for advanced downhill skaters looking for a durable, comfortable, performance orientated glove.  
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Blood Orange
Colour Green
RRP €65.99
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